Legionfarm for
game developers
Boost your sales
Take advantage of our set of ready to use solutions to quickly start generating revenue from the sale of in-game services
We create different game offers for users, which allow your community of gamers to achieve higher levels and uncover new and thrilling in-game experiences that never get old. The more they play - the bigger their loyalty - the greater your sales. Use Legionfarm as an in-game feature or as an external integration. We’re also ready to help you with marketing.
Grow a loyal community
We provide the necessary processes and tools to ensure that your games order fulfillers are true professionals
We create official jobs and help foster a loyal community of professionals in your game. Ultimately, they will become your brand ambassadors and content creators. Legionfarm is responsible for evaluating, hiring, on-boarding, screening, training, and supporting pro players that take orders in your game. Our solutions can be integrated directly inside of your products.
Focus on the game
We’ll take care of all the processes so that you spend a minimum of resources
We utilize a unique automated system for scheduling, notifications, matching and reassignments. Our tools are universal but can be customized to fit any game. The entire business infrastructure including financial, legal, sales, customer support are already included and covered by our global team of professionals.
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