Get a real job
playing Warzone and Apex
At Legionfarm hundreds of TOP Warzone and Apex players
make $400-1500 weekly, playing with our customers
I’m ready
It takes 2-3 mins to apply
What's it like to play with PROs?
Guaranteed salary from $10/hour
Weekly payments
Full or part-time
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It takes 2-3 mins to apply
What Legionfarm
Pro-players do:
Play with our customers, making $10-16 per hour. Really.
Be friendly teammates and great coaches. Adjust to customer play styles and goals.
Participate in content production or help other PROs to get onboarded, making additional money
PROs already
working with us
And hundreds of other top players
I want to join
It takes 2-3 mins to apply
What is Legionfarm
We help gamers hire professional players for coaching and in-game assistance
Does working with Legionfarm affect any other activity I’m involved in?
No, we will never limit what you do. When you start working with Legionfarm, you can keep on streaming, participating in tournaments, creating content, etc. Even more, we support our PROs, promoting their streams and channels, while helping them get invites to closed tournaments.
How do I get paid?
We send payments weekly, at a rate of $10-16/hour for each hour of playtime with our customers. Your rate depends on the number of hours you play weekly, as well as the quality of your sessions and customer feedback.
Do you have enough clients so that I can play as much as I want?
Yes, some of our TOP PROs play more than 10 hours a day. They get paid for each hour. Whenever you’re ready to play with customers, there will be a client waiting for you. With us, you won't need to worry about keeping busy.
How do I know this is legit?
Just check out the Forbes and Techcrunch articles about us. Even Michael Siebel, Twitch co-founder, shared some positive thoughts on what we do at Legionfarm.
Apply online
It takes 2-3 mins to apply